St. James Parish – Clergy Transition

On September 1, 2016, as a result of the retirement of our former Rector, The Reverend Frank M. Goss, St. James Parish entered into a formal Transition Process established by the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey. 

The first phase of the Process involves the employment of Diocese-approved Supply Clergy to celebrate the weekly Eucharist Services of St. James Church, and to support the other religious needs of the members of St. James Parish as arranged by the Vestry.  On September 4, 2016, St. James Parish warmly welcomed The Reverend Canon Terrance Rosheuvel who has graciously agreed to serve as the Priest of our Parish until such time as an Interim Rector is selected; Father Rosheuvel celebrated the Eucharist at St. James on September 4th, at which time he also introduced his wife and children to the members of the Parish.  Father Rosheuvel retired in 2010 after serving as Rector of St. Thomas Episcopal Church in Red Bank, NJ for 29 years.


St. James Church – – – Looking Back 100 Years

Church Records state that on 4 October 1916, the cornerstone for St. James Church was laid by Archdeacon R. Bowden Shepherd “with fitting ceremonies.”  It was reported that one hundred people had attended the ceremony.  The religious service associated with the cornerstone ceremony was conducted by Archdeacon Shepherd, who also gave the address.  Reverend Charles H. Kidder (who had served as the first Missionary-in-Charge of the St. James Mission) assisted in the conduct of the service.  Visiting Clergy included Reverend Harris C. Rush, of Westfield; Reverend Frederick Swezey, Rector of Christ Church in Shrewsbury; Reverend Robert MacKellar, Rector of Trinity Church in Red Bank; and Reverend Charles Dunham of Orange.  Church Records also indicate that the cornerstone contains: “a Prayer Book, Hymnal, History of the Church, Order of Service of the cornerstone laying; copies of the Churchman, the New York Times, the Seacoast News of Bradley Beach, and the Bradley Beach Herald; and a map of the borough.”

The event was recognized by an article, appearing in the Friday, 6 October 1916 issue of “The Coast Advertiser”, (a newspaper published weekly in Belmar NJ), which reported that “The cornerstone of the new Episcopal Church of the St. James Mission at Bradley Beach was laid Wednesday afternoon.  Archdeacon Bowden Sheppard was in charge of the service and many prominent Episcopalians of the diocese were present.  The structure will cost about $7,300 and the ground on which it will stand was donated by James A. Bradley.” 

For those interested, the church cornerstone (showing the year 1916) can be seen in a special boxed-in-frame located near the top of the foundation on the north-east corner of the church-front.

Shortly after construction had been completed, St. James Church was officially dedicated on January 14, 1917.  The Dedication Service was conducted by the Reverend John Neighbor, who then was serving as the Missionary-in-Charge of the St. James Mission.  The Reverend Charles H. Kidder served as the Assisting Priest for the Dedication Service.  



St. James Church School

Church School classes for the Year 2017-2018 begin on Rally Day, Sunday, September 10th 2017.   The 2017-2018 Church School will end on June 10, 2018 with the Pin Day Ceremony.  The Annual Parish Picnic will be held, on the grounds of St. James Church, after the 10:00 am Eucharist celebrated on that day.



Office Hours:

Regular Office Hours:

→     Monday, Tuesday, Thursday     (8:00 am until 12:00 noon)

     From:   11 September 2017  until  7 June 2018       

Summer Hours (2018):      

→     Tuesday, Thursday    (8:00 am until 12:00 noon)

→     From:   12 June 2018  until  6 September 2018