St. James Parish – Town Hall Meeting

On July 19th 2017, the second Town Hall Style Meeting will be held with Bishop William H. Stokes (Bishop of the New Jersey Episcopal Diocese), Canon Phyllis Jones (Chief Operating Officer of the Diocese), and The Reverend Dr. Rob Droste (Canon for Congregational Development and Mission of the Diocese) to discuss the envisioned Future Transition of the St. James Parish in Bradley Beach, New Jersey.   The Meeting will be held in the Undercroft of St. James Church starting at 7:00 pm.  All Parishioners are urged to attend this important Meeting to learn first-hand about the transition, organization, and operating concepts currently being considered  – – –  and to obtain answers to any questions they might have.


Next Meeting of Vestry: 

  • July 25, 2017  (Tuesday Evening)

  • Undercroft, 7:00 pm

  • All Parishioners are warmly invited to attend. 


Next Meeting of St. Martha’s Guild: 

Date:   September 12, 2017

Location:   Church Undercroft

Time:   7:00 pm

For more information, please contact Alice Force (732-681-1948)


Lay Ministry (July 2017)

July 2, 2017

Ushers & Oblationers: 

9:00     Gayle Garrabrandt, Andrea Wilson 

Lector & Intercessor:

9:00       Bob Ward

Chalice Bearers:

9:00     Gail Lordi, Bob Ward 


9:00       Greg Dodd

Vestry Counters:

Wally Smith, Jean Ridner


July 9, 2017

Ushers & Oblationers:

9:00       Michael & Alison Valente

Lector & Intercessor:

9:00       Joan Knust

Chalice Bearers:

9:00     Gayle Garrabrandt, Toosje Potts


9:00       Bob Ward

Vestry Counters:

Loren Diedrichsen, Hank Kochan


July 16, 2017

Ushers & Oblationers:

9:00       Ed & Toosje Potts

Lector & Intercessor:

9:00     Melanie Coleman-Jemaly

Chalice Bearers:

9:00       Gail Connors, Gail Lordi


9:00       Loren Diedrichsen

Vestry Counters:

Greg Dodd, Chrissy Oppegaard


July 23, 2017 

Ushers & Oblationers:

9:00      Bob & Kathy Ward

Lector & Intercessor:

9:00      Gail Connors

Chalice Bearers:

9:00    Gayle Garrabrandt, Bob Ward


9:00      Greg Dodd

Vestry Counters:

Michael Valente, Bob Ward


July 30, 2017 

Ushers & Oblationers:

9:00      Gail Garrabrandt, Andrea Wilson

Lector & Intercessor:

9:00      Marty Taylor

Chalice Bearers:

9:00    Gail Connors, Toosje Potts


9:00      Bob Ward

Vestry Counters:

Greg Dodd, Chrissy Oppegaard


Altar Guild on Duty (July 2017):

9:00      Alison Valente


Help Ministry Cards  

Thanks to all who keep our basket empty.  Just for clarification, all situations are different, so please send cards that say you/we are thinking of them.  In the summer you will find the basket by the prayer books in the Undercroft, and during the rest of the year, the basket will be in church behind the last pew.  Again, thanks – feel free to call me with any names to add.   (Patty O’Rourke 732-493-5171)


St. James Choir:

HELP WANTED!    The St. James Choir is in great need of additional members, and we ask you to prayerfully consider joining us in the ministry of music.  No experience is necessary and you do not need to know how to read music.  All that is needed is a desire in your heart to worship and praise our Lord through song.  Rehearsals will be held on Thursday evenings from 7:15 to 8:45 pm.  All are welcome!


Bradley Food Pantry:

Thank You for donating to the Bradley Food Pantry.  With the help of the community, the Pantry serves over 600 families every month with groceries intended as a three-day supply of food.  The Pantry can always use:   

(1) Cereal,   (2) Microwavable Meals,    (3) Protein Beans (canned or dry),    (4) Pasta,       (5) Peanut Butter,    (6) Soup,    (7) Toiletries.




Retirement Farewell for Reverend Frank M. Goss, Rector of St. James












Transition of Bradley Food Pantry Directors

(Thank You Rich Brugger and Best Wishes for Success Linda Curtiss)








Confirmation (December 14th 2014)

Nine Young Adults of St. James Parish were confirmed by Bishop William Stokes on December 14th 2014; they were as follows:  Alex Smith, Ryan Oppegaard, Annabelle Madden, Ryan Valente, Olivia Scott, Allison Bishkoff, Ronal Lamo, David Scott, and Shane Force.







Visit of Deacon Debbie Clarke (Diocesan Youth Director) and Her Team

Deacon Debbie Clarke, Diocesan Youth Director, Guest Speaker and Homilist

Deacon Debbie Clarke, Diocesan Youth Director, Guest Speaker and Homilist

St. James Coffee Hour to Honor Visit of Diocesan Youth Director (Deacon Clarke) and Her Team

St. James Coffee Hour to Honor Visit of Diocesan Youth Director (Deacon Clarke) and Her Team


Parish Picnic (June 7th 2015)





Blessing of the Animals (Feast of St. Francis of Assisi)





Historical Publication for Centennial of St. James Church

St. James Centennial Publication

St. James Centennial Publication

To honor the Centennial of St. James Church (May 2011), a well-researched publication was developed; this publication, 100 pages in length (including the covers), includes:

  • Mission Statement for St. James Church
  • Statement by Rector, Father Frank M. Goss
  • Commendations by:  Bishop George E. Councell, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey;  Mr. Sean T. Kean, Senator for 11th District, State of New Jersey; Mrs. Julie Schreck, Mayor of Bradley Beach, New Jersey
  • Historical Overview of St. James Episcopal Church of Bradley Beach, New Jersey 
  • Listing of Clergy (Organization Phase, St. James Mission, St. James Parish)
  • Special Tributes to First Rector, Reverend Harry L. Hadley, and Mrs. Eleanor Pierson
  • Reminiscences of Reverend Kenneth A. Gluckow
  • Descriptive Tour of St. James Church 
  • Stained Glass Windows and Doors of St. James Church 
  • Organizations of St. James Church 
  • Religious and Community Outreach Activities of St. James Church  
  • Related Historical Information
  • Inside Back Cover:   Color photograph of the “Fishers of Men” Banner of St. James Church;  Scripture account of Jesus’ invitation to Peter, Andrew, James, and John to follow Him, promising to make them “fishers of men;”  Descriptions of St. James Church Banner, and Centennial Logo

The Publication was printed on appropriate weight and bright white paper by JM Printing and Graphics located in Wall Township, New Jersey; it includes a blue plastic spiral binding and a clear plastic front outer cover.  To cover the cost incurred for printing and binding, a donation of $15.00 is requested.  If you would like to obtain a personal copy, please contact the Church Office or Loren Diedrichsen.