You can make the Way of the Cross here, on our website with images of the Saint James Way of the Cross sculptures and their associated readings. After the introduction click on the first image and follow the entire Way of the Cross.


Christ Speaks: These fourteen steps that you are now about to walk you do not take alone. I walk with you. Though you are you, and I am I, yet we are truly one – one Christ, and therefore My way of the cross two thousand years ago and your “way” now are also one. But note this difference. My life was incomplete until I crowned it by My death. Your fourteen steps will only be complete when you have crowned them by your life.


Christ: I told you at the start, My other self, My life was not complete until I crowned it by My death. Your “way” is not complete unless you crown it by your life. Accept each moment as it comes to you with faith and trust that all that happens has My mark on it. A simple fiat, this is all it takes; a breathing in your heart, “I will it, Lord.” So seek Me not in far-off places. I am close at hand. Your workbench, office, kitchen, these are altars where you offer love, and I am with you there. Go now! Take up your cross and with your life complete your way.